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3 Things You Thought Windows Couldn't Do

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Benefits of New or Replacement Windows

What exactly are the benefits of new or replacement windows? After all, you’ve got so many other things to worry about in your home. But don’t let this one slip away! There are plenty of reasons to invest in new windows, even if they're still in "good" condition.

So when is it time to look into new windows? They're not broken, right? Unfortunately, windows need maintenance just like any other part of your home. They can get worn out and dirty, making it harder to see outside. Not only that, windows that aren’t very energy efficient create a loss of money on your utility bills as well.

Luckily, replacement windows come with a few distinct benefits, such as:

  1. New windows increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will be more attracted to a house with new windows, and you're likely going to get a better price when it's time to sell.

  2. "Nicer" replacement windows keep out all of that unpleasant city/traffic noise, making it perfect for people living in the city, parents who need to get their kids down for naps during the day, or anyone else who just wants a quiet home.

  3. New replacement windows save you money on electricity bills by improving insulation in your house, making it a great option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and take care of the environment.

Your home is your castle. That’s why it's so important to take care of it and ensure it remains in the best possible condition.

Remember to maintain the integrity of your house by investing in new windows, whether they're for replacement or just an upgrade. Windows are one of those things people often forget about until something goes wrong, but don’t let this slip through the cracks!

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Gutter Cleaning is Gross... We get it. 

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Clean Your Gutters Now; Save Money Later.

Gutters get overlooked pretty easily. They’re not the most glamorous part of your household, and we don’t even think to look at them most of the time. Think about the last time you thought to yourself, “Hey, I wonder how my gutters look today?” It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Gutters can become a melting pot of dead leaves, rainwater, and who knows what else! Besides being disgusting, clogged gutters can eventually turn into a major problem for your home. Cleaning out your gutters now will save you from huge repair bills later.

So, how does something as small as a clogged gutter turn into such a headache? When rainwater fails to drain properly, it can collect into other parts of the roof and cause damage over time. Moisture is the mortal enemy of home maintenance, and too much can lead to extensive damage and enormous repair bills. Moisture also attracts unwanted visitors such as rodents and pests. Continued neglect can even lead to a cracked foundation.

It’s also important to point out that your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover certain types of water damage. Under most policies, sudden water damage such as a busted pipe will be covered. However, water damage from outside the home due to clogged gutters likely won’t be deemed as sudden or uncontrollable since proper maintenance could have prevented it. It’s important to review your policy to verify what types of damages are covered by your insurance.  

Gutter cleaning can seem like a thankless chore at first glance, but it proves to be invaluable for the long-term. With proper maintenance, your house will stay beautiful and in top shape for years to come. 

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